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This provides no information.

ClemJusnot responds:

And the description?..

Holy shit dude. This is a beautiful mix of nostalgia, fantastic animation, emotion, and music.

I was legitimately moved by this movie. Thank you.

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Very cool animation. Kind of pointless, but cool techniques!

Laguna-Dragon responds:

I know haha. but need to learn how to rig properly so i can do more complex animations. Thank though.

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This is asinine.

I am positive you've ripped this from some other flash project, but in the miniscule offchance that you haven't, please let me offer some criticism.

1. The hitboxes you designated for the characters are terrible.

2. The graphics you've drawn are the same as every other project: vikings/nordic characters. Spread your wings. Branch out. Do something new (unless you can't because you've stolen all of your assets from other projects).

3. The game is an absolute piece of shit. Bland and uninteresting. What the fuck is this even supposed to be?

Please try better next time.

Completely awful.

A Mario clone where you need to refresh the page if the shitty koopa sprite even gets close to an enemy sprite? This is terrible in every way.

Some notes on how to improve:

1. Fix the hitboxes. This is the most important part of making a hop-n-bop/platformer game.
2. Ditch the copycat mario sprites.
3. Learn actionscript so you can kick Scratch to the curb.

GamingWithAndy responds:


Thanks for the feedback. i'll try to improve on this even if you completely disliked it. This was really just a test. I should have never posted it but know I have learned from my mistakes.

I get the joke, but it's not very funny. Plus, all you did is make a static image oscillate on the screen. Overall, there is nothing good or worth saving about this animation.

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I love this genre and I love this song.

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emilyomily responds:

Thanks! :)

Very impressive remix.

Somehow this is more emotionally impactful than the original. Great job, everybody!

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TheArdor responds:

Thank you very much <3

jesus christ this is awful

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They came for the dinosaurs, and I did not speak out, because I was not a dinosaur. They came for the giant robots, and I did not speak out, because I was not a giant robot. They came for the nerds. And I was screwed.

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