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The animation is pretty good, but egad, that definitely took a turn - as I will bet you intended.

There's a lot of unfortunate clipping at the end as well.

sparton2005 responds:

Yea, clipping is kinda hard to mitigate with that model. I managed to get rid of a bunch of it, but the rig broke so i had to redo most of it, which wasn't helped by the weird motions that were just kinda stuck. The jiggle bones kinda go haywire as well, and there's a lot of finangling to get it to actually fit the clothes properly. Moral of the story? SFM sucks.

Wow, I was ready to dunk on this video because I thought it would be one of the million terrible Mario parodies I've already seen, but this is actually really well done. I love the animation and the voices are pretty good. Not sure why Bowser died at the end though, maybe you could have made that a little more explicit.

dibunt responds:

Yeah I kinda knew that would be a problem, I was even scared it wouldn't pass judgement because people know how shitty these usually are aaaaaand because of all the porn from tumblr currently being submitted. But hey, thanks for trusting good ol Mario!

This really is not a music video. I suggest you check out the audio portal, where I suspect this would be much better received.

DVWN responds:

Ah I see. Thanks I'm quite new to Newgrounds

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Very interesting idea. I would love to see this used in an actual game. As you said this really is just a really minimal flashy demo. But very cool nonetheless.

Is this supposed to be an educational game? If it is, slow it way the fuck down. There are too many things going on at once.

This is asinine.

I am positive you've ripped this from some other flash project, but in the miniscule offchance that you haven't, please let me offer some criticism.

1. The hitboxes you designated for the characters are terrible.

2. The graphics you've drawn are the same as every other project: vikings/nordic characters. Spread your wings. Branch out. Do something new (unless you can't because you've stolen all of your assets from other projects).

3. The game is an absolute piece of shit. Bland and uninteresting. What the fuck is this even supposed to be?

Please try better next time.

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Lovely beat. Fun fact, this was the first thing I ever watched on Newgrounds. I was looking for Teletubby games for my little brother and found Teletubby Fun Land. Thanks for the memories, Tom!

1/2 star off because it doesn't loop perfectly. I hope you'll understand. :P

I love this genre and I love this song.

emilyomily responds:

Thanks! :)

Very impressive remix.

Somehow this is more emotionally impactful than the original. Great job, everybody!

TheArdor responds:

Thank you very much <3

They came for the dinosaurs, and I did not speak out, because I was not a dinosaur. They came for the giant robots, and I did not speak out, because I was not a giant robot. Then they came for the nerds. And I was screwed.

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