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This is a funny recreation of the silly little games I think we all play in our minds. I liked how you animated the guy's hair, it seemed to flow quite well. The perspective on the dock is a little wacky, but that's not too distracting. Well done.

PollonsProductions responds:

Appreciate the notes and comment all together - Cheers GUTHRIE


I really enjoyed the sound design for most of it, although some sound effects, most glaringly the scream from the main character, seemed out of place and broke my immersion a bit.

Overall, this was a fantastic work and I am excited to see what else you contribute to the site!

Jamanzee responds:

Thank you so much! I also agree, I guess I could've balanced the audio a bit better.

Holy shit this was weird. But this is a really fantastic first animation, and I hope you keep at it because this is really good considering that.

BigBone1204 responds:

Thanks for the positive feed back

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Is this supposed to be an educational game? If it is, slow it way the fuck down. There are too many things going on at once.

This is asinine.

I am positive you've ripped this from some other flash project, but in the miniscule offchance that you haven't, please let me offer some criticism.

1. The hitboxes you designated for the characters are terrible.

2. The graphics you've drawn are the same as every other project: vikings/nordic characters. Spread your wings. Branch out. Do something new (unless you can't because you've stolen all of your assets from other projects).

3. The game is an absolute piece of shit. Bland and uninteresting. What the fuck is this even supposed to be?

Please try better next time.

Interesting take on the tired Geometry Dash genre. The hitboxes could be a little bigger, but you've got a fun little game here. Keep it up!

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I love this genre and I love this song.

emilyomily responds:

Thanks! :)

Very impressive remix.

Somehow this is more emotionally impactful than the original. Great job, everybody!

TheArdor responds:

Thank you very much <3

A nice creation.

I like it quite a bit, apart from the maniacal lauging. It just seems out of place to me. Where did you get that idea, anyway? It could be made into a really cool loop for a fight scene, though. I couldn't bring myself to vote less than five for it, but I had to knock you down a review star for the laugh.

Great idea, and it's not such a bad title if you ask me :P

Quarl responds:

awww, you didn't like my laugh? :(

They came for the dinosaurs, and I did not speak out, because I was not a dinosaur. They came for the giant robots, and I did not speak out, because I was not a giant robot. They came for the nerds. And I was screwed.

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