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Color me impressed. This is amazing if you really did everything in GIMP. I really like your art style and the animations are very well done!

Smooth animation, but have you ever actually seen deer teeth? Ouch!

OatmealPecheneg responds:

Her bodyparts are 80% feral and 20% human, her eyes and genetalias too actually

2020 really had to fuck us one last time. Great animation. I love your style and how you riff off of his syncopated flow in the animation style. Thank you for making this. It's a fitting tribute to an absolute legend of hip hop.

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soft locked my browser. please add a button to stop the calculation.

This is a pretty cool old-school style platformer. The sprites are well made and the art style makes me remember the times when we would play SNES in my friend's basement 25 years ago.

You can cheese most of the monsters, and the platforming isn't particularly streamlined, but overall this is a great proof of concept and I'm excited to see where you go next with this.

Nice job!

The mechanics are fine, but after around 140 enemies you max out the towers and can't kill the mushrooms before they hit the castle. Needs a lot of work, but the engine seems good.

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Lovely beat. Fun fact, this was the first thing I ever watched on Newgrounds. I was looking for Teletubby games for my little brother and found Teletubby Fun Land. Thanks for the memories, Tom!

1/2 star off because it doesn't loop perfectly. I hope you'll understand. :P

I love this genre and I love this song.

emilyomily responds:

Thanks! :)

Very impressive remix.

Somehow this is more emotionally impactful than the original. Great job, everybody!

TheArdor responds:

Thank you very much <3

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