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This is SO COOL! It feels like the introduction to a movie that I would really enjoy. Nice job!

fileto responds:

i hoped to make it bit longer but time ran out.. thanks for watching!

This looks like it will be incredible. I still remember showing Bitey of Brackenwood to my dad in 2004, in the process of trying to explain to him that not all of the animations on the internet were stick figures saying wazzup jokes and some of them had real artistic merit.

I'm super happy to see that you're still submitting Brackenwood animations to Newgrounds, and can't wait to see the completed product.

The animation on the butterflies is pretty good. Almost too good - is this a stock effect over some stock video?

Edit: it's not a stock effect! Awesome!

Momojo responds:

The video in the back is a stock video but the effects were made by me

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It takes a while to figure out, but after getting used to the mechanics, this is a really fun game. I really appreciate the sound design, too.

The only thing I don't quite like is the WASD mechanic, in my experience it's just frustrating. I would have preferred to introduce it in a second or third level of the game (e.g., Normal mechanics is that attack is W and something like Fever mechanics requires you to use the WASD keys), but I understand why you would want to include a challenge from the start.

In any case, this is a really addicting game!

This is a cool twist on your escape game genre! Nice job!

selfdefiant responds:


This is a really interesting idea. In its current state, though, there's not enough feedback from the game for me to tell if what I'm doing is right or not. For example, I know that a basic combustion equation will produce water and carbon dioxide, but entering the equation doesn't result in anything happening. I know I have enough reagents to perform the reaction, but nothing happens! Is the input super sensitive to formatting or something? I really want to like this game, but it's not fun in its current state.

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Fun song. The guitar solo sounds like you just randomly placed notes in Fruity Loops but somehow it works.

Great job.

Lovely beat. Fun fact, this was the first thing I ever watched on Newgrounds. I was looking for Teletubby games for my little brother and found Teletubby Fun Land. Thanks for the memories, Tom!

1/2 star off because it doesn't loop perfectly. I hope you'll understand. :P

I love this genre and I love this song.

emilyomily responds:

Thanks! :)

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Man, this is so cool. It gave me a super deep emotion and reminded me of my childhood when people used to crowd around you at arcades if you were really good at a game. Awesome work.


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